What? Is your Whatsapp hacked

Today’s News

1: Whatsaap hacked

Someone send you one mp4 file from an unknown number they are typing some catchy word as per your interest after that then you click on it your WhatsApp will be hacked. Please don’t click on this type of file if your WhatsApp is not update so please go and update your WhatsApp.

2: Whatsaap update has come: Disappear massage.

whatever message you send someone you can put the time in that like 1hour, 1day, 1Month and 1Year. after that, the message will automatically delete.

3: Xiaomi New

If you want to buy a Xiaomi phone, this is the right timing Because The BLACKFRIDAY sale is live.

on every phone Has a discount of 5 thousand Or  10 thousand Remember the sale is only for 3 or 4 days only so hurry up.

5: MAAdhar card app

The government has launched his new MAADHAR app, They have added new features in that Go and delete the old one because the old app is not safe and downloads the new MAADHAR app.

6: Twitter update

If you was on twitter and You have not opened your account in the period of 6 months then your Twitter account will delete.

7: antivirus app update 

 some apps I will tell you if you have these apps in your phone please uninstall these apps because they are asking too many permission from you which is not required app is

a: security master – Antivirus

b: Antivirus Free 2019- Antivirus

c: virus cleaner- Antivirus

d: super phone cleaner- Antivirus

e: clear master- Antivirus

8: Oneplus update

Oneplus 7 has completed 5 yrs so the company is giving a discount on their phones. on onePlus7 pro, they will give you RS: 10 thousand discount & on oneplus 7T they will give you RS: 10 thousand discount RS: 3 thousand if you want to buy then buy.

That’s all for today thanks for bieng with me.

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