Have a driver’s license ? Yes! Great. Ever thought of doing that one trip that will give you goosebumps, that will still make you question what pleasure are you getting out of this mad travel experience? Even years after, the trip is over! Well this is it ,Drive down!

Scary and spine chilling , waiting to be explored ,what better way to go in your own sweet ride on this spectacularly rocky beautiful road ?!

5 crazy reasons to do this

1. Take your own time

Whichever route you plan to drive through, you can take your own sweet time. There are no compulsions of reaching in this allotted time plan. Detours and random stops are more fun when last minute. No rules ,just drive, stop if you get the vibe.

2. The view

The kind of beauty that makes you just forget everything, even the names of all those instagram filters. Give it a chance , soak in its energy ,lets be grateful and thank the almighty. Take as much time as you want , cry if you wish , but there exists such a place , raw and enigmatic, welcoming you with all her grace. Give it your undivided attention , let the nostalgia creep in , how can something be so possibly breathtaking ? Such a wonder , his creation .

3. You can always go back

Getting anxious , don’t feel good , having doubts , you can go back. No one is going to judge you. Just take a U Turn and enjoy the experience until now . Don’t feel it , don’t do it. In your own vehicle you ALWAYS have that option.

4. Questionable moments

There will be these moments you will want to slap yourself in the face. Why have I put myself in this place ? Why am I flirting with danger ? Every bump , every turn, every cut , is this safe or am I going to get hurt ? Doubt turning into fear and fear turning into awe, you rub your forehead and smile, never have you been so sure!

5. You own this

YES , this is totally yours, your one and only. Instances of courage, times of vulnerability, trusting the wheels and this road. Put yourself out there, the universe is there to guide you. What better way to get to know yourself deeper, this journey was meant to be , coming back with intangible experience and growth.

JUST go for it , this adventure of a lifetime , stop living it , vicariously in your mind . Go hit the road, its waiting for you , one thing’s for sure , your driving skills will improve. Navigate the road like you navigate life , its going to be one hell of a ride!

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