How to use WhatsAap fingerprint lock


Hello guys

Today am going to tell you how to use fingerprint lock option in WhatsApp,

Whatsaap is finally launched added a native fingerprint lock option to its android application, What this means is that you can finally lock WhatsApp using the fingerprint scanner on your android device you, will no longer have to rely on third-party apps or the app locking features.

Now am telling you how to use fingerprint option in WhatsApp,
for that open WhatsApp and tap the three dots menu button on the top of right corner then go to setting then you will see account then go inside the privacy the scroll till the end of the page then you will see thair a option of fingerprint option then simply tap on it now you can see toggle to enable to fingerprint, tap on it and then verify your finger with your WhatsApp using fingerprint of your phone.

then you get some option related to fingerprint on WhatsApp like you to want immediately lock your WhatsApp after using the WhatsApp of after 1 minute or after 30 minutes. you can choose an option in between three of them.

then you have another option to mask your notification content, if you disable this option then any WhatsApp notification will no display its content, however, its enable you still get a preview of your all massages but to reply to them or the read the entire massage you have to open WhatsApp then you have to confirm your identity.

So this is the new feater of WhatsApp the feater is very straight forward, there are no other advanced option right now, there also no option to lock WhatsApp with password, pin, the feater also does not work with face unlock right now
Anyway, its good to see you WhatsApp finally adding a much require features in thair android application.

That’s all guys for now
thanks for being with me.

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