How to make money on Tiktok

Hi guys
hope you all are good,
Today I am telling you about ho to ear money with tiktok.

Tiktok is not like youtube any compression between tiktok and youtube but you can compare it with fab and Instagram or any social media.

You can’t earn money directly from tiktok, Tiktok is not monetized in nowadays we don’t know that tiktok will be monetized in the future,

But there is a way to earn money from tiktok, that i will tell you,

1:  You can earn money with coming to live on tiktok
Your follower can send you the sticker that sticker in the form of coin and
you can convert coin to money.
2:  Second is that any brand contact to promote their brand and they will give you that money but in most cases, you can not contact the brand. this is all happened because of tiktok.
3: Third thing is that if you have lots of followers on your account, with this account you can shoutout your account that is monetized like youtube and facebook and Instagram.

But if you are making a video on tiktok account then make don’t think about money, when you will popular money comes automatically that’s is your passion don’t let it down.

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